We strongly believe that lateral flow devices have much greater potential than is currently utilised. We’ve developed technologies which empowers a new generation of lateral flow applications by making the tests far more sensitive.

That means:

Existing tests become simpler and more profitable to produce

Tests which had been discarded as uneconomical will now become viable

Lateral flow testing becomes possible for a wide range of illnesses

We can achieve this using our revolutionary compound, eAMP (enhanced Amplification), which enables the detection of biomarkers in miniscule amounts.

It functions by binding specifically to your detection antibody, and producing hundreds of millions of additional colloidal gold binding sites.

eAMP can take the form of a liquid that is either added to your sample or to the test strip after your sample has been applied, or directly printed onto the manufactured test strip at the time of production

eAMP can be customised for a target illness, and easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes

We have assembled a strong scientific team to develop the amplification systems and apply them to your tests

How we can support you

SwiftDx operate mostly on lateral flow assays, but our portfolio of amplification techniques can be specifically designed for multiple different platforms such as ELISA and PCR.

Every lateral flow assay is unique, and the SwiftDx team will work with you to integrate our unique amplification IP onto your test.

Partner with us and we’ll demonstrate the value of our amplification techniques 
in your existing systems, producing results within as little as six weeks.