Our Story
The home laboratory

Our breakthrough was born from adversity, a change of direction, and caused more than a little domestic friction!

We were working on a different product, when the dreaded Covid-19 intervened.

Just at a critical moment, when we were gathering essential data on our manufactured mycoplasma product, the labs we were using closed down.

We needed that data to secure the next round of our funding. Which, as you can imagine, made for quite a moment. Years of development work were at stake.

Like many across the world, coronavirus was threatening everything we had worked hard for.

We didn’t have a lab, but we did still have our samples. We just needed to optimise and collect the data from them.

Covid meant everywhere we might carry out our work was off limits… with one exception.

Could we? Should we? Really?

Well, we did.

As you can see from the picture, we bought in some building materials, ripped up the carpet in Ben’s lounge, replaced it with vinyl flooring, built a lab bench, sanitised the area, carried on our work…

And secured our data, and our future.

Those days of the home laboratory were also when we realised we could hugely increase the sensitivity of lateral flow tests, and where eAMP was born.

By the way, it’s important to mention the chemicals we were using at home weren’t hazardous, and we did get insurance…

But, as you can imagine, it was still an interesting time in Ben’s household!

PS. We are now back in purpose built, state of the art labs. Just so you know.